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Our Services

Your Project Depends on the Solid Foundation of a Reliable Contractor

Without a dependable contractor, the whole project comes to a standstill. Don’t get stuck wondering when it will get done. Just one phone call to PCI Texas gets your job up and running. We bring skilled workers to you, saving you the time, money and hassle that ordinarily comes when you hire a contractor. We’re fully insured, taking the risk out of contracting us for your projects. You won’t make numerous calls wondering about the plan. We are committed to you and your project. That means we’re with you from beginning to end. We don’t leave until your project is completed to your satisfaction. Our reputation depends on it.


Renovating a space, whether it’s commercial or residential, is a daunting task. Without proper guidance, you could get stuck with beautiful dreams and no vision on how to begin. PCI Texas is the one to call when you need building renovation. With over 40 years of experience, we handle any project, big or small. Whether you need inside or outside renovation or repair, you know you’re getting quality work from start to finish when you call PCI Texas.


Putting a contract on a property is exciting, but don’t seal the deal until you know exactly what you’re buying. A PCI Texas due diligence inspection will show you problems on a property, helping you make an informed decision before signing on that line. And PCI Texas works with buyer and seller to get problems fixed before you’re stuck with them.


Sometimes remodeling seems like a simple job, however, many times what started out as a simple dream becomes an overwhelming nightmare. When you’ve uncovered the hidden mess, let us put it back together again. Painting, sheet rock, siding, from simple to complex, we have what it takes to get the job done so you’re not stuck with an impossible mess.

Taking on a Variety of Projects

Practicing a trade for forty years gives opportunities to learn how to solve many problems. Among our many services, we also provide commercial fencing, waterproofing services, and stucco repair. Whatever threatens to get in, we work to keep it out. Experience peace of mind and improved efficiency when we’re finished, knowing all is safe and dry.

Insured and Guaranteed

When you call PCI, you can be sure you’ll get the attention you and your project needs and deserves. Our work is guaranteed and we are fully insured. We offer a full two year warranty on work we provide. If a problem arises, a simple phone call is all it takes to get it fixed. We use only the highest quality materials from the best companies in the business – companies that stand by their products. PCI is the contractor you need on your project. From start to finish, we’re there every step of the way with the best supplies in the industry.


I have VERY high standards and they exceeded my expectations on every level.  I did a lot of research on different products and different companies and I’m so glad I trusted them with such a major decision and investment in my home.

- Dawn N.

I could not be more thrilled.  The owners have years of knowledge and it shows.  The crews were efficient and professional.

- Dawn N.