Commercial & Multi-Family Services

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Commercial & Multi-Family Services

Turn A Profit

We take that old shell of a building and create beautiful spaces where you go to turn a profit. Whether your goal is for retail, restaurant, office space, or multi-family homes, PCI Texas wants to partner with you and your design team to renovate and improve your properties. Between our quality of materials, excellence of craftsmanship and years of experience, we’ll turn your dream into reality.

From roofing to fencing to gutting and rebuilding, we stop at nothing to turn your commercial properties into beautiful offices and apartments. Whether you need to renovate an existing building or turn a gutted shell into something new, we have what it takes to get the job done inside and out and from top to bottom.

We Stand By Our Work

We bring you quality products from industry leaders. Not only do your materials come with a warranty, but we also stand by our work. We’re involved in every step of the renovation process, guiding the team to do whatever it takes to complete the job on time and within budget. Our reputation depends on it.

Keeping Your Property Safe

Although we offer a variety of services, PCI Texas specializes in keeping the destructive nature of water away from your property. We tirelessly work with industry leaders to develop new uses for current products to solve the problems of water leakage and drainage. When we waterproof your property, you save thousands in expensive repairs.

Fast And Easy Process

We know about the unsightly dangers in sidewalks, parking lots and decks caused by potholes and cracks. The revolutionary Flexi-hole pothole repair fills in those holes and seamlessly closes the gaps in record time. Closing a parking lot impedes your ability to run your business. Our process takes hours, not days, allowing you to continue doing business. Erase the possibility of a liability lawsuit by repairing the damage, making the way smooth again.

Insured and Guaranteed

When you call PCI, you can be sure you’ll get the attention you and your project needs and deserves. Our work is guaranteed and we are fully insured. We offer a full two year warranty on work we provide. If a problem arises, a simple phone call is all it takes to get it fixed. We use only the highest quality materials from the best companies in the business – companies that stand by their products. PCI is the contractor you need on your project. From start to finish, we’re there every step of the way with the best supplies in the industry.

40 Years Of Experience

With over forty years of experience, we know how to approach and complete the job and we have a reputation of thinking outside the box to do just that. We’re hands on, working closely with you and your design team from the first day of bidding until the last scrap has been cleared. PCI Texas gives premier customer service because you are the priority. No shoddy work, no abandonment issues. Just quality work, guaranteed to meet your satisfaction and that of your tenants.


I have VERY high standards and they exceeded my expectations on every level.  I did a lot of research on different products and different companies and I’m so glad I trusted them with such a major decision and investment in my home.

- Dawn N.

I could not be more thrilled.  The owners have years of knowledge and it shows.  The crews were efficient and professional.

- Dawn N.